Halong Bay-Vietnam

As you all know, during the COVID-19 period, it is not safe to travel to any country; thus we are not able to visit any new place.

I want to use this as an opportunity to share my old memories and photos with you all. That is why I chose to write about Halong Bay, Vietnam.

In 2014, we went on a trip to Vietnam. We visited many places, but I liked Halong Bay the most. I went there as a 7 year old.

Halong Bay is located in the Gulf of Tonkin. Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is one of the most popular travel destinations for tourists. According to me, it is a must for anyone who goes to visit the country.

You can board a cruise to have a great view of the limestone pillars in Halong Bay, and explore the limestone caves, that’s what we did. You also can relax on the reclining lounge chairs on the deck of the cruise, which is absolute bliss. The sound of the splashing water prompts you to go and take a dip in the water.

We got to experience how to do fishing and in the evening we attended a workshop on preparing Vietnamese Spring Rolls. I enjoyed the spring roll workshop more as I am a foodie!

Each guest room had it’s own small balcony. On board, they served us a variety of sea food, but of course, vegetarians too had good options. To enter inside the limestone caves, you need to travel in a separate boat from the cruise. Going in the limestone caves was like an adventure for me.

To me, it felt like paradise, in the middle of the sea surrounded by small mountains (limestone pillars). To my imagination, the limestone pillars resembled small mountains.

Since I was small when we went, I took many photos of my parents and not much of the photos of the seascape and surroundings over there; and hence these are the only photos I could share:

the view…

limestone pillars

vietnamese rice flour spring rolls…

a small cruise ship…

the glittering water

I would definitely say that this trip was complete with this stay, including, fishing, visiting limestone caves, making spring rolls and certainly, taking a dip in the sea.


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  1. MS says:

    I too loved Halong Bay! Such a beautiful place to relax and enjoy nature. You’ve written very well about your experience. Well done !

    1. Yes…Thank you so much!

  2. WR says:

    The spring rolls look good!

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