The Netherlands Pavilion @Expo2020 Dubai

From this post onwards, I’ll share photos of the pavilions we visited at the Expo 2020 Dubai. Out of the total 192 pavilions, we visited 178 of them. And, of course, got our Expo Passports stamped!

the Expo Passport

The second stamp was of the Netherlands’ Pavilion:

Located in the Sustainability District, the motto of the Dutch Pavilion was ‘uniting water, energy and food, for a happy, sustainable planet ’.

Incase you missed my intro post on Expo 2020, here’s the link:

If you’re wondering why I chose the Dutch pavilion as the first one to write about, is because we lived there for a few years when I was younger.

Here’s how it looked from the outside:

The entrance:

They had small planks stuck on the sides of the pathway, which gave us information on the structure of the pavilion.

Once you enter the pavilion, they show you a video for few minutes:

After watching the video, the door opened and we went to the next hall and we were given umbrellas, which left us wondering why we got them inside the pavilion.

The hall was made of bricks and was narrow on the top, which made it feel like a small tower to me!

made of bricks…

Seeing the designs on the umbrella was one of my favourites!

After the show was over and we came out, there was a restaurant from where we bought Dutch Apple Pie, Stroopwafels and Dutch Kroket.


the menu…

Dutch Apple Pie:

Stroopwafels (waffle cookies):

Waffle maker:

waffle maker…

Dutch Kroket:

Kroket is normally made of meat, but this restaurant served it vegetarian, with mustard mayonnaise.

There was ‘Dutch Dubai’ stamped on the bun.

Above, I told you it felt like a tower, this is how they had decorated it’s outer side, with plants:

The Dutch pavilion was designed like a biotope. A biotope is an area with uniform climatic conditions that provides a habitat for plants or animals. This pavilion had their biotope with plants and also the ceiling was open, which kept the place quite chill.

Over 9,000 herbs and plants grow in the pavilion, including oyster mushrooms too in the vertical farm inside the pavilion.

“A solar-powered rain shower will capture moisture from the air and harvest hundreds of litres of water daily to irrigate the greenery.” –

A small ladder, which visitors could use to get a better picture!

Also located in the Sustainability District, the Singapore Pavilion had a lot of greenery too, throughout the pavilion.

Outside the pavilion they where selling Stroopwafels and Oliebollen in a small kart.

As we already has the Stroopwafels inside, we bought the Oliebollen:

Oliebollens are Dutch doughnuts and were sprinkled with sugar!

Guess what made our visit memorable?! The rains!!!

We didn’t realise it was raining until the time we were about to leave the pavilion.

‘uniting water, energy and food

for a happy, sustainable planet’

Expo 2020, Dubai got over on 31st March, 2022 and the Best Pavilions were announced.

The Netherlands pavilion was part of Category B (between 1,750m^2 and 2,500m^2) and bagged Gold in ‘Architecture and Landscape’.

That’s all for this post, and the next one too will be on another pavilion. Do let me know in the comments section if you want it to be on any specific country’s pavilion!


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