Hope Mars Mission- UAE spacecraft reaches Mars’ orbit!

On 9th February, 2021, the United Arab Emirate’s (UAE) spacecraft successfully entered the orbit of Mars. With this, the UAE has become the fifth country in the world and the first Arab country to reach the red planet’s orbit. The Hope Mars Mission was launched from Tanegashima​ Space Centre​, Japan on 20th July, 2020.


1. Understand climate dynamics and the global weather map through characterizing the lower atmosphere of Mars.

2. Explain how the weather changes the escape of Hydrogen and Oxygen through correlating the lower atmosphere conditions with the upper atmosphere.

3. Understand the structure and variability of Hydrogen and Oxygen in the upper atmosphere, as well as identifying why Mars is losing them into space.

(Courtesy: emiratesmarsmission.ae)

In one of UAE’s popular English dailies, Khaleej Times, an article on February 6, 2021 stated, “As at 3pm on February 6, the Hope Probe has covered a distance of 475 million kilometres, with another 4.8 million kilometres to go over the next three days. It will reach its destination – the Martian orbit – on February 9.”

Imagine how fast the spacecraft would be travelling, if it can travel 4.8 million kilometres in 3 days! In fact, it has already travelled 1.6 million kilometres in a day!

09.02.2021- Arabs to Mars

Many landmarks across UAE were lit up in red colour to highlight the country’s historic event. In this post, I will share the photos and videos I took, of few of the places lit up in Abu Dhabi.

  1. Marina Mall

The Marina Mall Tower was lit up in red and had #ArabstoMars written. The tower lights up with designs in the evening everyday and occasionally showcases special events like this.

Click of Marina Mall from Abu Dhabi Theatre side

2. ADNOC Building

The ADNOC Building in Abu Dhabi also lights up on important occasions like this, UAE National Day, New Year’s Eve, National Days of India etc.

buildings next to ADNOC Building

3. Abu Dhabi Theatre

The dome of the Abu Dhabi Theatre was also lit up in red. Here is the photo:

UAE Flag next to the dome

Can you identify any of the above mentioned three landmarks in the photo below?! If you are able to find it, inform me by posting a comment at the end of this post!

4. Etisalat Head Office Building

Etisalat Building view from Hamdan Street, alongside Qasr Al Hosn


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