Happy New Year 2021!

In this post, I am sharing my clicks of the decorations on Corniche Road and the fireworks at Corniche, Abu Dhabi for New Year 2021!

Corniche Road is always decorated for special occasions like UAE National Day, Holy Month of Ramadan, New Year, Emirati Children’s Day etc. Decorations are normally displayed a few weeks before special occasions and remain there till a week or so after the occasion.

Decorations are not only there on Corniche Road, but also in other arterial roads of Abu Dhabi. Even few bridges have bright decorations. I liked the decorations on Maqta Bridge a lot!

Bright Decoration on Maqta Bridge, Abu Dhabi

These are some of my photos of the decorations at Corniche, Abu Dhabi:

If you’re wondering why there is 50 along with 2021, in two of the decoratins above, it is because the United Arab Emirates enters fifty years in 2021, from its formation.

Now, moving on to the fireworks!

The video in the Tweet below shows how arrangements for the fireworks have been done even during COVID times.

Courtesy: Abu Dhabi Government Media Office’s Official Twitter Account

This is the video I took of the fireworks display for New Year 2021. The New Year Fireworks would normally start at 12 o’clock (midnight). So, (mostly!) everyone would be wide awake till then, on the last day of the passing year!

Speaking about fireworks, the UAE recently bagged two Guinness World Records. Firstly, for showcasing the longest 35 minutes of fireworks in the world, launched from 16 towers, and secondly, for the longest Girandola fireworks show in the world. Both of these have been done at the Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival, Abu Dhabi for New Year 2021. Although we were not there during the fireworks at Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival, I will be sharing the photos I took when we went there, in one of my upcoming posts.


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  1. WR says:

    Wow! And 35 minutes of fireworks? That sounds really interesting! Looking forward to reading your next post!

    1. Yes, it’s for 35 minutes! We were not there on 31st December, as we were in Corniche to see the fireworks so we missed the 35 minute event. But I would share my photos of Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival in one of my upcoming posts. Stay tuned!!

  2. dosaikal says:

    Very nice. I know how much effort you put in clicking those pictures. Keep up the hard work.

    1. Thanks a lot! Sure!

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