#MyChennaiDiaries…Inspiring Women of Writer’s Café, Egmore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Hi Guys! About a week ago my father visited Writer’s Café to meet two of his friends and I too accompanied him. This café is located in Egmore, Chennai, around half an hour from my grandparents’ house.

Normally, in food related posts in my blog, I share pics of the food we would’ve ordered, but in this post I wanted to share the inspiring stories of three women working in this café, with due permission from them.

The café has two entrances and we took the entrance on Dr PV Cherian Crescent Salai (‘salai’ means ‘road’ in our mother tongue Tamil) as that was convenient for parking. The first thing we saw was a mini bookshop of Higginbothams before actually getting inside the café.

Dr PV Cherian Crescent Salai entrance of the café…

On the fiction shelf, I spotted books of the Geronimo Stilton series, which I enjoyed reading till the age of ten and still have more than 10 in my bookshelf! In those books, certain words would have quirky fonts and the illustrations were apt too. Spellings of some words would be altered to make them sound related to the ‘world of mice’. I remember ‘Fabulous’ would be spelt as ‘fabumouse’, ‘fantastic’ as ‘mousetastic’ and ‘Pulitzer Prize’ as ‘Ratitzer Prize’. 😄

entry to the café through the bookstore…

entry to the café through the bookstore…

After ordering a chocolate shake, I went to the bakery section to find out if there were cinnamon rolls available, and that is where I met three women working at the café and as I started to interact with them, I learnt about their inspiring real life stories and left the idea of getting a cinnamon roll and instead started jotting down their stories with their approval to share it with you all in this write-up.

chocolate shake😋

the bakery…

seating arrangement…

Now, let me begin the central part of this write-up…

Inspiring women of Writer’s Café, Egmore, Chennai…

The first person I spoke to was Ms. Priyadharshini, who unfortunately had a fire accident in her school days, due to which she was unable to pursue her schooling after Grade 10. While she was recovering from her burns, an NGO (non-governmental organization) came to visit her. Upon dropping into their office one day, she realised that there are people around her who are in much worse conditions and decided to build her own identity. She began looking for a job, and initially worked at a bakery, after which she joined Writer’s Café’s branch at Gopalapuram, Chennai and subsequently joined this one at Egmore. Having worked at Writer’s Café for the past 8 years, she tells me proudly that she can now make almost all the drinks in the café’s menu. Priya says she never expected to go out of her hometown, Chennai, but is now on her way to Dubai to attend a scholarship program through her employer Thiru. (Mr) Mahadevan.


Next, I spoke to Ms. Mariya, a fire accident survivor and a single mother, who has been on the job at Writer’s Café since 2016 and supports both her mother and kids. Having become a single mother due to certain family issues, she started looking for a job some years ago and is now proud to stand on her own feet. She says her biggest achievement is that today she can purchase anything her mother asks for. Mariya believes one should come out of his/her problems and move on in life in order to reach their goals.

Mariya was slightly apprehensive to stand for a pic alone, so I suggested she pose with her friend Priyadharshini and she gladly agreed!😊

Priyadharshini (on the left) & Mariya (on the right)

Lastly, I spoke to Ms. Sahithi who joined Writer’s Café eight months ago after completing Grade 12. Despite being dyslexic, she is all set to start her own café in Chennai very soon which I found inspirational. Priyadharshini and Mariya told me that Sahithi has learnt to make all the drinks available at the café except for cappuccino and café latte and loves baking and especially making pizzas!!

Priyadharshini (on the left), Sahithi (centre) & Mariya (on the right)

Before concluding this write-up, I would like to acknowledge and appreciate Writer’s Café for respecting all individuals and providing a livelihood to many others like Priyadharshini, Mariya and Sahithi across their several outlets. I wish this encourages other ventures to do the same as well!

That’s a wrap for this post guys! I wished to keep this post concise in simple and short words so that the stories of these inspirational women reaches everyone and they feel motivated too, like me. Do let me know in the comments section if you liked this post!!


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