Spanish Pavilion @Expo2020, Dubai

Hi Everyone! This post is going to be on the Spain Pavilion at Expo 2020, Dubai!

Stamp from the Spanish Pavilion:

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Located in the Sustainability District of Expo 2020, here’s how the pavilion looked from outside:

Spain Pavilion at night:

What do you guys think about the architecture of the pavilion? Share your thoughts in the comments section of this post!!!

To me, it looked like cooling towers in a thermal power plant….

The slogan of the Spanish Pavilion was ‘Intelligence for life’.

They have used science, modern technology and art to share ways for sustainable living.

Read this post to know how!

Designs on the inner sides of the tower-like structures:

I thought this design resembled the Mandala Art form. What do you guys think?

The first thing you spot once you enter the pavilion is a giant chess board, with pieces proportionate in size.

There also was another model, as you can see in the photo below, where visitors could sit and play.

Chess has been one of my favorite board games and my father taught me how to play it when I was a child. We played a match and don’t ask me who won 😉.

In the beginning, I mentioned this pavilion used art as well and connected it with science. The dynamo erected in this pavilion illustrates this.

What is a Dynamo?

There was a spiral path, and while climbing down the path, the dynamo looked different at each angle.

If you are wondering how a dynamo, product of science and technology, is connected with art, it is up to the visitor to imagine this and connect it with art, say, in view of the vibrant colours associated with it, as seen in the pictures below.

Watch the video below to see what I mean:

In the last picture, the lights looked like stars shining in the night sky.

Next, there was a hyperloop.

It was mentioned in the product description that we could travel from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, within 12 minutes. Abu Dhabi to Dubai, a distance of nearly 150 kms, takes usually around 1 hour 30 mins by car. So, I guess that’s a great idea for the future! The hyperloop can travel up to a speed of 1069 km/h.

How does it help in sustainability? – Might be, if 10-12 people use 4-5 cars to travel from place A to B, one hyperloop could accommodate them all, so the environment will be less polluted, by the gases cars emit.

the hyperloop…

made by- Zeleros Hyperloop

Accelerators of the future…

seating inside the hyperloop…

The next part was called the ‘Forest of Intelligence’.

It had scientific solutions, using modern technology, for the future, on four main things:

  1. Smart Territories and Environment:

A comparison between unconnected territories and smart territories, where the advantages and disadvantages were mentioned:

2. Waste Reduction for Sustainability

This was related to food wastage and consumption.

Products in the Mediterranean diet:

3. Energy

4. Microalgae Photobioreactors

The floor had designs related to the topics they were trying to explain:

Once you’re done with the ‘Forest of Intelligence’, there’s one more exhibition left, where they tell you facts about their country:

“One of the countries with the highest life expectancies in the world.”

“Among the 10 countries with the highest gender equality in the world.”

The Spanish Pavilion, part of Category A (larger than 2,500m^2), won Bronze for ‘Exhibition Design’.

Normally, when I visit any pavilion, I search for 2 main things:

  1. Do they have the content with respect to their vision/aim?
  2. The architecture.

In the Spanish Pavilion, we definitely got both of these and was a must visit for anyone!!!

Do let me know in the comments section if you want a post on any specific country’s pavilion.


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