Goodbye UAE- #MemoriesThruFood @ Abu Dhabi…Part2

Welcome back!

Similar to the previous post, here too, we’ll look at few of the food joints I visited while living in the UAE.

This is Part2 of the #MemoriesThruFood posts. Here is the link for the first one incase you missed it-

  1. Super Limo Pizza @ Pizza Hut

Not a fan of fast food, but sometimes (almost every 6 months 😁), I do have pizza and this time we tried the Limo Pizza as few of my friends were talking about it, and as we were leaving Abu Dhabi, I wanted to try it out once.

The ‘Super Limo Pizza’ offer has a 1 meter pizza, along with 3 dips and 3 sides.

You can order 3 types of pizzas, which together make up 1 meter of pizza-

We chose Margherita, Mediterranean Shrimps Lovers and Very Veggie-

For the dips, we got Chipotile BBQ Sauce, Fiery Peri Sauce and Creamy Ranch Dressing, but instead, I opted for tomato ketchup from our fridge 🤣😅

Sides- Veggie Pasta, Chocolate with Oreo Brownie and Potato Wedges-

potato wedges…

brownie and veggie pasta…

2. Shakespeare and Co., WTC Mall

Shakespeare and Co. was one of those outlets that we visited quite often (not the same branch though!)

Located in the ground floor of WTC Mall, which also has a souk, selling traditional handicrafts. I wrote about another cafe at WTC, in my previous #MemoriesThruFood writeup.

After staying at home for many months due to the pandemic, in 2020, one of our first outings was to Yas Mall (at Yas Island, Abu Dhabi). We went to their branch at that mall and tried the Halloumi Focaccia. This was the first time we went to Shakespeare and Co..

The second time was in March 2021, on the day my final exams got over and my spring break began. I’d say it was a much needed outing after the first year of online classes (actually, I had two academic years conducted online 😀😉)-

Vegan Grilled Cheese Sandwich- Bread with fresh spinach, vegan pesto sauce, vegan cheese and french fries

Chocolate Crepe with Bananas-

The third time we went to this food joint was at their branch in BurJuman Mall, Dubai, UAE.

We dropped in at Shakespeare and Co. the fourth time, as it was lunch time when we finished our weekly groceries shopping at Lulu Hypermarket. We were all too hungry to order anything new, so we ended up ordering the same items out of the menu that we had relished in Dubai-

Vegan Paella- eggplant, sweet potato, bell peppers, green peas, onion, garlic, dill leaves cooked with bomba rice.

Fisherman’s Catch- seabass, salmon, calamari, shrimps, spinach, fennel and cherry tomatoes with lemon butter caper sauce and rice

3. Lemongrass Thai Restaurant, Galleria Mall, Al Mariyah Island

Having lived in Cambodia for a few years, we’ve been to Thailand many times and Thai cuisine happens to be one of my mom’s favourite cuisines so we went to Lemongrass for lunch one day.

The restaurant had a combo offer for lunch-

Starters- Lemongrass Vegetarian Set- springrolls, fried battered vegetables, corn cake and papaya salad with Thai sauces

Thai Vegetable Red Curry with Jasmine Rice-

Jasmine rice, seafood curry and papaya salad-

For dessert, it was my favourite Thai sweet sticky rice with Mango. I wasn’t a huge fan of this when I first had it, but now it’s become my favourite in Thai cuisine!!

That’s it for this post guys! Hope you liked this write-up and the previous one!!!


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