Goodbye UAE- #MemoriesThruFood @ Abu Dhabi…Part1

Hi Everyone! I couldn’t post anything for the past 2 months as I was down with COVID and then we recently left UAE, so were busy with packing.

I know we were continuing with the Expo 2020 series, but as we left Abu Dhabi after living there for four years, I thought I’d write the next few posts on tourist destinations or food joints (for foodies!) in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

With that in mind, all the posts (including this one) would have the heading ‘Goodbye UAE’. These write-ups would include all the things I’ll miss about the place I called home for four years!!!!!!!!!!

Just to clarify, I didn’t use any professional camera to take the photos, as I didn’t plan a post while visiting these places. But, I have this habit of always taking pics wherever I go, so I thought why not try writing a bit on food.

  1. PappaRoti, WTC (World Trade Center) Mall

Here, they serve their specialty PappaRoti Signature bun, or Kunafa with any topping you like, be it Nutella, Toffee, Dark Chocolate, Cheese, nuts or ice cream scoops.

We had the Hazelnut with Dark Chocolate bun, Cappuccino and Ice Chocolate.

WTC Mall was one of the malls we visited very often. On the first floor, they have the Lulu Hypermarket, where you can get all necessary grocery items. Before the pandemic, we used to go there every Saturday after my violin class, in the afternoon.

On the ground floor, the mall has a souk (Arabic word used for market), which sells traditional handicrafts/souvenirs, perfumes and spices.

entrance of PappaRoti…

the menu…

Hazelnut with Dark Chocolate-

PappaRoti Signature Bun-

The bun is soft on the inside, because of the butter used.


ice chocolate…

WTC Mall-

WTC also consists of the Courtyard By Marriot Hotel, The Offices, residences and the Mall (in the taller building).

The Mall is in the taller building…

2. IKEA, Yas Island

The IKEA branch we went to is not in a mall, but is a separate shopping centre, located in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi.

IKEA holds a special place when it comes to my childhood memories. As I mentioned in another post, we used to live in Netherlands when I was much younger and I remember going to IKEA on the weekends. Going to IKEA has always been like a picnic for a day. After parking our car, we’d first head to the cafe to get coffee for my mom, and an ice cream for me.

Even in Abu Dhabi, we used to follow the same routine after parking our car. We’d go to the second floor to see the home furnishing section. One great idea IKEA has, is to provide a measuring tape and a slip of paper where we can jot down the item number (of furniture, tables etc.) in order to collect it from the ground floor. After making our list, we would have lunch at their food court on the same floor. After lunch, we’d check out the first floor and move on to pick up the items we had listed.

Post on Netherlands that I mentioned above-

The cafe has a cinnamon bun + coffee combo offer-

Vanilla ice cream-

The vanilla ice cream is always a go to food item and one of the main reasons I enjoy going to IKEA 😁.

The food court is on the second floor, where they offer cakes, pastries, soups, breads and main course.

Salmon fillet with mashed potatoes & broccoli and lemon dill sauce-

boiled vegetables, mushroom soup and fried prawn with mayonnaise-

Stir fried Prawn Noodles-

At the live station, you can choose the type of noodles you want along with toppings.

3. Movenpick Ice Cream, Nation Galleria Mall

Movenpick offers ice cream sundaes, French toast, fondant and beverages.

We had these sundaes-

Yummy- maple walnut ice cream with maple syrup, walnuts and whipped cream

Sunset- mango & passion fruit ice cream topped with granola & strawberry sauce, with yogurt

the layers of the sundae…

Banana Split- chocolate and vanilla ice cream with fresh and dried bananas, whipped cream and chocolate sauce

That’s it for this post guys! Do let me know if you liked this post in the comments section!!

My home-made ice chocolate, overlooking the sea 😋


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  1. Thomas Chirayath says:

    Very truly a yummy place don’t need a Camera .. The air and the taste was excellent as explaines beautifully.. need to have a ice cream at MOvempick. See you again in UAE…

    1. Thank you!!!

  2. Sharav Venkatesan says:

    Superb narration , and it’s handy for those Abudhabi in their wish list .So they can blindly follow your route map to enjoy their food. But I can see a true ice cream lover hidden here , leaving a place after 4 years is not easy with friends and load of memories , it can be called poignant feeling , don’t know whether it defines the real feeing , but it can’t termed in words for sure, New Horizones, New Hopes , wishing you all success. 👍👍👍

    1. Thank you so much!!

    2. Thank you so much!!

  3. Dr V K Misra says:

    Brilliant write up , very informative and interesting.
    It appear a live expression.

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        தங்களின் புகைப்படம் மூலம் கண்களுக்கு விருந்து..It’s excellent and helps to know about the places and food..

        Great to go🤝💐💐Explore in new places too and give us a new treat..Best wishes..

        Dr.SriRohini Dubai

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    Really amazing pictures…..

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