Memories Thru Lens

exploring the globe with my camera…

“Exploring the world by having adventures, creating memories and much more, through my lens.” This is how I want to describe my blog. After reading this, you would have understood that I’m a person who loves to travel and click a lot of photos.

I first got my camera at the age of six, a Canon IXUS-Digital Camera. That was the first camera my father had bought, my mother had been using it, and then I inherited it.

Since then I have been taking my camera wherever I go. As my parents and I have a huge passion for travelling, by the age of 12, I’ve been to 23 countries with them. I’ve clicked more than 10,000 photos till now. As I have so many photos, I thought that I should do something. Then, my parents suggested and encouraged me to start my own photography blog, and here I am.

Although I’ve been taking photos for quite a number of years now, some photos are blurry; some are not too good; while some are very nice and clear. This is because, I am just a learner now. And I share my best photos with you all.

My aim is to click as many good pictures as possible and encourage others to do this, as photography is a unique hobby.

My hobbies are drawing, reading, painting, writing, playing and spending time with my family and friends. But my passion is Photography and Travelling.  I also have keen interest in playing the Violin.

This is just a short introduction about me.

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Let’s begin our adventure through photography !